Privacy Statement

Wayland - San Antonio is concerned about your right to privacy.  When you visit this web site, any information you share with us will be treated confidentially, and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the university.

Requesting Information
Personal Information you provide us on our Request Information,  Contact Us, New Student Orientation, On-Line Registration, and Permit to Register System web pages will not be shared with anyone outside the university, including any third parties.  Wayland - San Antonio does not sell your address, phone numbers or any other type of data we collect on you.

All information provided by a user to Wayland Baptist University data servers and web pages will be used only for the purpose in which the supplier intended it.   Wayland Baptist University does not sell or give personal information to any party outside the University except as follows. 

1.      Wayland will release information pertaining to current students only in accordance with FERPA guidelines (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).

2.      The University may be required to provide some reports to official data collection centers, government agencies, financial institutions, and other similar agencies.  Only the information required is provided in these reports and those agencies are responsible for the continued privacy of that information.

3.      Employers who pay for a given student’s tuition may require reports on that student.  This information may be released to an employer or other third party with student request.

4.      While cookies are occasionally used in some web pages owned by the University, the information collected through these cookies is covered by the provisions of this privacy statement.  Wayland Baptist University will never use cookies or any computer code to continuously collect information, track browsing habits, monitor one’s use of the computer, or any such purpose.  The University respects your privacy and will do nothing to violate it by embedding code on your computer.

Registration Data
Personal Information you provide us during registration will not be shared with anyone outside the university, including any third parties.   However, calculated reports revealing student body averages may be provided to the general public.  For example, the average age of our student body, the number of graduate and undergraduate students, the number of students enrolled in a particular degree program and major, and the number and type of government students attending Wayland.  Private employers often express an interest in knowing how many students attending Wayland - San Antonio work for them.  Certain employers, generally those paying part or all of the tuition costs, require a by name report of students that work for them.  Certain federal government agencies require a grade report for students they are paying tuition on as well.

Financial Information
Personal Information you provide us to receive financial assistance will not be shared with anyone outside the university or the financial institutions used to process loans,  payments, or collect funds.  If you are a government employee, we are required to provide reports to certain federal government agencies on students working for that agency.  These reports may include the student's ID number, name, courses enrolled, grades earned for that course, and amounts to be billed against that federal agency.

On-Line Forms
Several of our web pages contain forms that request you enter personal  identifying data such as your name, address, phone number, and possibly your Social Security Number or Wayland Student ID number.  These forms process the information in one of three ways.  1) The collected data may be sent directly to the staff member responsible for processing that data or answering your question, 2) the collected data may be posted directly to a database residing on one of our servers, or 3) the collected data may be sent to a script on one of our servers for processing and to generate a reply back to you via a web page.

A few of our web pages may set a cookie.  Cookies are small amounts of alphanumeric code that are placed on your hard drive through your web browser.  We use these cookies to facilitate communication with your web browser, and to enable you to access certain pages without having to repeatedly type the same information for each page you visit.  For example, if you have an email account through us, the program will set a cookie for the duration of that messaging session in order to maintain your connection to our server and process your routing data.  Some of our classes may administer a test using the web, and a cookie is used to maintain your identifying data during the process of administering and grading the test on-line.  These cookies generally have a duration of 30 days or less.  At no time do we use cookies to maintain personal data such as a Social Security Number, financial information or the like.  

Email Addresses
Email addresses you provide to us are used in three ways.  1) We use the email address you supply us on a form to respond back to you,  2) we require a working email address from you during registration if you register for an Internet based class, and 3) we collect your email address with your permission using the Time Permit System for mailing reports and distributing useful information about the Wayland - San Antonio to you.  If you enroll for an Internet based class, your email address is provided to your instructor as part of the contact data.  If you provide us with an email address for the purpose of receiving on-going notices of news events etc, then we store your email address in a database on one of our servers.  Email addresses stored on our servers will be deleted upon your request, or whenever messages are returned for an invalid address.  The email address you provide us will not be shared with anyone outside the university, including any third parties.

Faculty and Student Web Pages, and Syllabi
Faculty members and students using one of our web servers to publish a web page should be mindful that our web site is accessed several thousand times a day from persons worldwide.  The university does not edit individual web pages for faculty and students.  It is the individual's responsibility to ensure that personal identifying data such as phone numbers and addresses that are not intended for general disposition are not included in these pages.

Any syllabus submitted to the university for typing by a faculty member will be published to our web site.  Faculty members should take care not to include any personal identifying data in a syllabus.

Policy Changes
Wayland reserves the right to modify this Policy Statement at any time and without advance notice.  If we make a material change to this policy statement, we will post a notice of change on this page.

Contact Information
If you have questions regarding Wayland - San Antonio's Privacy Statement, please visit our Contact Us page on the main menu page of this web site.

Updated January 19, 2016