New Student Orientation

Wayland requires all new undergraduate students to view an orientation on the university and read the Wayland Baptist University Catalog. The orientation is available on this web site.

Students are required to successfully complete a test.  The answers to the test can be found within the orientation slides and in the current year catalog. Students failing to successfully complete the test on the orientation will not be permitted to enroll for further classes with Wayland until they have satisfied this requirement. Please print your orientation test results and submit them to Wayland Baptist University's San Antonio Campus or email them to

To view the orientation or take the test now, click on the appropriate button below.   If  viewing the orientation  using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you may click the show slide icon located at the bottom right of the screen when the presentation starts to run the slide show.  This feature may not be available if using other web browsers. If you need a PDF version of the slideshow click here.

Click here for the Wayland Baptist University Catalog


You may also download a copy of  the test, which requires Microsoft Word. 


If you experience a problem, please contact 210-826-7595 for assistance.