June 25, 2010


The commencement exercise will be held at the Community Bible Church, on Friday, June 25, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. The Community Bible Church is located outside Loop 1604 at the Gold Canyon Exit.  The address for Community Bible Church is 2477 North 1604 East, San Antonio, Texas 78232.

Illustration #1 Location of Community Bible Church


Ample parking is available in church parking areas.  Uniformed police will be available to direct you to the designated parking areas.  You will be permitted to enter through two entrances off of the access road on 1604 west bound and one entrance off of Gold Canyon.  The aerial photo below does not show the continuation of Gold Canyon across Loop 1604 or the second entrance into the church from Loop 1604.


There will be no changes to the ceremony due to inclement weather, since the entire ceremony is conducted indoors. You may wish to have drivers drop you and your guests off close to one of the entryways in the event of rain.


Nursery facilities will not be provided during the ceremony.  There are many guests in attendance and many hazards at such an event for a small child.  Please ask your guests to not leave a child unattended, and to refrain from allowing a child to run in the aisles. 


Fire codes strictly prohibit anyone from sitting or standing in an aisle, stairway, or doorway in the auditorium. The auditorium will accommodate 3,500. 


The section immediately in front of the stage will be reserved for the graduates. The front two rows of seats in the section to the right of the stage and graduates are also reserved.  Please refer to the seating chart below for the reserved seating for graduates, indicated by shading. 

Illustration #2 Seating


It is appropriate for men to remove their caps during the invocation, scripture reading, and benediction. They should remain on the rest of the time.


You will receive only a diploma cover as you cross the stage. This is done to preclude you from receiving the wrong diploma. Following the ceremony, you will collect your diploma upon exiting the stage.  A table will be set up on the side of the stage, where a WBU staff member will give your actual diploma to you, after which you will return to your seat.  The diploma will be in a sealed envelope that contains multiple items.  Please do not open the diploma envelope until after the ceremony has concluded and you have exited the auditorium. 


Only one diploma cover will be issued during the ceremony even for graduates receiving multiple degrees; however, multiple degrees will be announced.


When accepting the diploma cover from the presenter, you should reach for the diploma with your left hand and shake hands with your right hand. This is done with the left hand over the right. The official photographer will be situated to have a full view of you and the presenter. The stage will be marked with tape as a reminder of where to stand. Remember to turn your face slightly towards the camera when accepting the diploma to ensure a full view photo is taken.


Graduation candidates are required to present themselves in a professional manner. Men should wear a white shirt and tie with dress pants and shoes. Women should dress in a corresponding manner. The wearing of jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, and other inappropriate attire may result in your removal from the graduation exercise. We ask that you please remember that this graduation serves as a very significant achievement. In some cases students may have devoted several years of their lives at great sacrifice to reach this moment.

Graduates may not append any item to the graduation garment or cap, to include tape or other various markings.  No additional ribbons, hoods, cords, or religious symbols or attire may be added to the regalia or worn during the ceremony.  Graduates may not carry balloons during the ceremony.  If one of your guests gives you balloons prior to the ceremony, please ask that guest to watch the balloons for you until after the ceremony.


Mr. Jim Binegar is our official photographer, and he and his assistants will be available during the ceremony. A group photo is scheduled for Friday, June 25, 2010, at 9:00 a.m., in the auditorium.  The photo session lineup will take place at precisely 9:00 a.m.   You are encouraged to be present no later than 9:00 a.m. to ensure your spot in the photo. Family members and guests will not be permitted in auditorium until after the group photo session is over.  General seating for your guests will begin at 10:00 a.m.  We cannot wait for a candidate who is late for the photo session. It is imperative that all graduation candidates are in the assembly area no later than 10:00 a.m. for line up, headcount, and instructions, so please do not linger in the auditorium afterwards. 

The official photographer will also take a picture of each person as he or she receives the diploma cover on stage.


Photos can be ordered following the ceremony.  "8 x 10" color photos (individual and group) will be available for purchase.  All forms of pre-payment will be accepted: cash, check, VISA, Master Card, and AMEX. The photos will be mailed to you approximately a month after commencement.  Mr. Binegarís phone number is (210) 344-0041, and his web site is


While we encourage your guests to take pictures, we ask that they please show respect for others by not blocking the view of the ceremony. Guests will not be permitted either on the stage or directly in front of the stage to take photos, or to enter the seating area for graduates.  Fire codes prohibit guests from standing or sitting in an aisle.  No tripod-mounted cameras are permitted.


Walking in the graduation gown can be an experience you will cherish for a lifetime, or one that you will remember as an embarrassment forever should you trip! Please watch your footing, especially when going up and down steps.  Remember that the ceremony will not start until you are at your seat, so there is no need to rush.

June 25, 2010
11:00 a.m.
Community Bible Church


(Refer to the illustrations for locations and directions of march)

Illustration #3 Assembly Area

Stay in your assigned place in line for the processional as you enter the auditorium.

Illustration #4 Processional March

As a group you will follow the last member of the staff and faculty during the processional march.  You will be directed to your row (refer to Illustration #4). REMAIN STANDING AND FACE THE FRONT. Approximately half of the graduates will enter from each side.  One side will be in alphabetical order and the other side will be in reverse alphabetical order.  Your Marshal will seat you in the correct order.

Graduates will enter the auditorium from both sides.  The number of graduates per row with will vary.

After all candidates are positioned, the announcer will ask all guests to stand for the invocation and to remain standing for the reading of the scriptures. After the reading of the scriptures, the announcer will ask everyone to be seated.

The Executive Director and Dean of the San Antonio Campus will welcome everyone and provide special recognition of guests followed by a program of special music.

The guest speaker will be introduced and will deliver the commencement address.

Candidates will be asked to stand and will be presented as candidates for graduation. This will be followed by the bestowal of degrees. Candidates will then take their seats.


The Marshal will stand, and the back three row will stand and follow him to the start point. As you approach the start point in turn, give your name card to the announcer. As your name is read, walk forward to the presenters and receive your diploma cover. DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOUR NAME IS ANNOUNCED.  After receiving your diploma cover, exit the stage and proceed to the diploma table.  Collect your actual diploma and then return directly to your seat and BE SEATED.  DO NOT REMAIN STANDING! (Refer to Illustration #5).

As the first group returns to their seats, the Marshal will direct the next group to stand, face to the right, and proceed to the start point lining up behind the persons in front of them. In turn, each succeeding group will be directed to proceed to the start point.

When everyone has crossed the stage, all persons receiving the bachelorís degree will be directed to stand. You will be directed to ceremoniously move your tassel to the left side of your cap. REMAIN STANDING. (If you are receiving a master's degree you have already graduated with an undergraduate degree, therefore your tassel is already worn on the left side.)

Illustration #5 Presentation of Diplomas

The announcer will ask everyone to stand for the benediction.

Following the benediction, the announcer will ask guests to be seated until all graduates have departed the auditorium. GRADUATES REMAIN STANDING.

The Marshal will then lead the Stage Party as they depart the stage for the recessional march. Following them, the graduates will exit the auditorium down the left and right sides of the auditorium to the front entrance. (Refer to Illustration #6).

Illustration #6 Recessional

Once you are safely out of the auditorium, you are free to free to depart the area. If you wish to complete the paperwork for your official photos, the photographer will be in the lobby.  Congratulations, and may God bless you and your family.

Graduating Fish

Wayland reserves the right to make changes to these instructions.