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Financial Aid students, please be aware that Pell Grant and loan monies almost always disburse to student accounts on different dates.  If you have completed all necessary steps – accepted awards, completed entrance counseling and Master Promissory Note – your federal aid WILL be applied to your account each semester!


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Time to Fill out your fafsa

We understand that cost is a vital factor in your college choice. Even more important, however, is the consideration of value received in exchange for that cost. With our commitment to making quality affordable, Wayland transforms college cost into an educational investment.

Because of the contributions of so many who believe in Christian higher education, the cost of an education at Wayland is among the lowest of any accredited, private university in the south. The allocation to the university's operating fund by the Baptist General Convention of Texas, gifts from alumni, friends and individual churches, as well as a growing endowment, contribute to the university's ability to reduce the cost of attending Wayland.

In addition, the aggressive approach of Wayland's Financial Aid Office has resulted in financial assistance for over 95% of our full-time students. Through institutional, state, and federal programs, Wayland makes available both merit and need-based assistance.

WBU has adopted the Code of Conduct established by NAFSAA.  For further information see NASFAA's Statement of Ethical Principles and code of conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals

Access NetPartner  here!

View your financial aid status and accept awards on NetPartner.  Use your student ID and choose to "First Time User" or "Forgot My PIN"  to create your PIN numbers. If you have difficulty accessing NetPartner, please contact us at .



  • External Scholarships
    • In the Financial Aid office there will be posted scholarship information
    • Check our main page "Current Events" tab
    • Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation -  maintains a free library and computer database of reference information on financial aid and scholarships. They are at 1250 NE Loop 410, Suite 810, San Antonio, TX 78209. Phone number is 525-8494.
    • Fast Web (scholarship search)
    • Folds of Honor Scholarships
      Scholarship money available for dependents of military families click here to download the Immediate-Use application then fax to 918-274-4709
    • GRANTS
      • PELL-- SEOG - a need-based, first come-first served Federal grant for a limited number of Wayland students. You must be eligible for a PELL on your Student Aid Report (SAR) to be eligible for this grant.
      • TEG - a need-based, first come-first served State grant. Must be enrolled in nine semester hours, and must be a Texas resident.  Student must have lived in Texas at least one year prior to attending school.
      • Direct Subsidized - a need-based low interest-rate loan. The government pays the interest for you while you are in school and for a 6-month grace period afterwards. If you are eligible for this loan, you must be enrolled in at least 6 hours undergraduate level or 3 hours graduate level to receive Stafford loans. Payments on this loan may be deferred till 6 months after you graduate or are no longer enrolled.
      • Direct Unsubsidized - a non-need-based low interest-rate loan. The government will not pay any interest for you; you may defer payment on this loan (interest as well as principle) as well.
  • MINISTERIAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - these are limited scholarship aid given by the Baptist General Convention of Texas for students who are called into full-time Christian ministry.
    • Southern Baptist - Southern Baptist Convention church worker or denominational worker. Pays $50 per semester hour for freshman and sophomore undergraduate students, and for junior and senior ministerial students $100 per semester for qualifying graduate courses.  Degree plan must include a religion major or minor to qualify.  Can take from 3 to 22 hours.
    • Ethnic Missions - working with Hispanic Churches within the Southern Baptist Convention. Pays $27 per hour for 12 hours or more with a max of $400.
    • Texas Black Baptist - working with Black Baptist Churches within the Southern Baptist Convention.  Provides $400 for full-time students.
    • Non-Baptist Ministers and their dependents. Pays $150 per semester for fall, winter, and spring terms up to a max of $450 per year.  Must take a minimum of nine hours each term.
    • Click here for form




      STEP 1 - Submit the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after January 1st as possible. Include Wayland as a recipient of the information. The federal school code for Wayland Baptist University is: 003663. Be sure to complete the appropriate year FAFSA for the current academic school year. 
      STEP 2
      - Wayland will receive a copy of your data in the form of an Institutional Student Information Form (ISIR). You will receive your own copy of the data in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR). Read the instruction page carefully, review the information for accuracy and contact the Financial Aid Office at your campus of attendance if corrections appear to be necessary. Do not make corrections yourself without first contacting the Financial Aid Office. Corrections can usually be processed electronically within a matter of days.
      STEP 3 -Student's will be notified via WBU e-mail in regards to all financial aid needs/awards/instruction. Please be sure to activate your WBU e-mail account once assigned and notified of instructions to do so. Such instruction can also be found at Students who have not received a WBU e-mail account will be e-mailed at the address provided on the Institutional Application for Financial Aid or FAFSA. Turn in your SAR to Financial Services as well as any necessary (required) documents.
      STEP 4
      Upon completion (4-6 weeks process) of your file, Wayland will send you an e-mail notification via your WBU Student e-mail account. The e-mail will contain directions to access NetPartner.  NetPartner will allow students to view and accept current year aid. Any future revisions will be handled in the same way.
      STEP 5- On NetPartner's "Accept Awards" tab, accept or decline all awards and "submit"
      STEP 6
      – If you have chosen to accept student loans, you will be required to access and sign an Master Promissory Note (MPN). Students may contact their Financial Aid Advisor if they wish to reduce loan amounts. It is recommended that students have their FAFSA PIN number available when signing your Master Promissory Note (MPN) for more efficient and timely processing. If you are a first time borrower, or this is your first time to attend Wayland, you are required to complete Loan Entrance Counseling also found at Loan proceeds will not be disbursed to your account until this has been completed and student is fully admitted into the University. 


      • FEDERAL and STATE AID - the process to obtain Federal/State Financial Aid takes 8- 12 weeks to complete. You MUST have an award letter before using Financial Aid at registration, and must be admitted to the university.
        • Obtain the necessary application forms from the Financial Services Office at 11550 IH 35 North. You can stop by and pick up a packet or call 826-7595 to request one. If you pick up the Federal Application (FAFSA) from your Education Services Office on base, you will need to contact the Financial Services Office to get the other necessary forms.
        • Submit the FAFSA included in the packet. It takes 4-6 weeks to get the results of that application. The results are in a report called Student Aid Report (SAR).
        • Bring your Student Aid Report (SAR) and all other needed forms to the Financial Services Office.
        • Once you have submitted your completed packet to the Financial Services Office, you will receive a Financial Notification letter (award letter) in 4-6 weeks, or after admittance.
        • Bring your award letter into the Financial Services Office to complete the process.
        • For the following types of Ministerial Scholarships, obtain the necessary application forms from the Financial Services Office (call 826-7595 or stop by):
          • Southern Baptist pastor or denominational worker
          • Non-Southern Baptist senior pastor or spouse of senior pastor
          • Dependent or Spouse of Southern pastor of denomination worker
        • For Ethnic Scholarship, write to following address to obtain an application: Baptist General Convention of Texas Attention: Ethnic Missions Coordinator, 333 North Washington Dallas, Texas 75246-1798
        • For Texas Black Baptist Scholarship, write to following address to obtain an application:  Baptist General Convention of Texas Attention: Ethnic Missions Coordinator, 333 North Washington Dallas, Texas 75246-1798

      • A student can electronically submit his or her GA and IVF at,

      • Under the Quick Links drop down, select Financial Aid,

      • At the Financial Aid page choose Forms. 

      • Select the Institutional Application for Financial Aid link.

      • Answer each question in the application process.  If a question does not apply please respond with n/a.

      • When done press submit on the Institutional Application and go directly to the Verification Worksheet.

      • There will be two options available:

        • Submit as “scholarship only” and not be required to complete the rest of the verification worksheet.

        • If any Federal or State aid is desired then the Verification worksheet must be completed and submitted.

      • Once the on-line application is submitted as “scholarship only” or the Verification worksheet is submitted then the signature page with appear.

      • Print the signature page and mail it along with the signed tax returns and W2s directly to the San Antonio Campus, attention Financial Services.

      • NOTE: The financial aid application will not be processed without this signature page!

      • Applications submitted as “scholarship only” are not required to have a parent’s signature.

      • The signature page will cover all electronically submitted documents.

      • NOTEIf GA/IVF is not submitted electronically and then the non-filer must be completed and printed.  The university will not have a signature for this document.    

      Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

      This form is available in the Financial Aid Office, the Education Service Centers at various military bases, and it can be downloaded from the Internet. You need to check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that you have submitted all the necessary forms.

      All financial assistance must be approved prior to registration. Stop by the Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible for assistance, or call (210) 826-7595 ext 217.

      Please check with the office for hours during registration.  The office is closed weekends, university holidays, and during Graduation.


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