Emergency Preparedness Plan

San Antonio Campus




Created/Revised December 2014




Purpose and Mission
Concept - Crisis Management Team
Types of Emergencies
Building Evacuation Plan
Building Shutdown Plan

Threat Analysis and Actions/procedures to take in an emergency:
Bomb Threat Checklist
Loss of Power/Utilities
Loss of Heating/Cooling
Violent Threat

Thunderstorm, lightning, and tornado
Flood and heavy rain and dam failure
Winter storm and ice, heat wave and wind chill
Hurricane, tropical storm, and tsunami
Building fire
Disruption of Telephone Services
Death of a Student/faculty/staff
Loss, misuse, theft of Technology Services/Data
Widespread Illness
Military base shutdown due to a national emergency
Hazardous Material Incident

Personnel Security Events:
  Active Shooter
        Hostage Situation
       Unknown catastrophic event
       Student Protests
*Download the entire Emergency Preparedness Plan in .pdf format