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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What degree programs are offered at Wayland San Antonio?
Answer: Associate of Applied Science
  Bachelor of Arts in Religion
  Bachelor of Christian Ministry
  Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (teacher certification for elementary education)
  Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education
  Master of Arts in Counseling
  Master of Education
  Master of Arts in Management
  Master of Arts in Religion
  Master of Christian Ministry
  Master of Business Administration
  Master of Public Administration
  Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification 
Question: What are Wayland's advantages?
Answer: Class size averages 18 - more personal attention
  Low tuition and fees - we only charge $231 per semester hour because we are an external campus and don't have sports or high overhead. So you don't have to pay for them like other universities in San Antonio.
  Students who bring work experience - most of our students also hold full-time jobs and are serious about finishing their degree.
  Credit for work experience - the BSOE offers up to 12 hours for personal experience for your work experience.
  Convenient locations - we offer classes at the main campus at I-35 and O'Connor as well as Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston and Randolph AFB that are open to all students.
  Online classes - to offer you the utmost in convenient class schedules and flexibility.
Question: How can I apply for student financial aid, even if I have a job?
Answer: Typically, student aid programs have no age restrictions. Anyone who demonstrates financial need can qualify. Just contact our financial services office at 210-826-7595 ext. 3.
Question: How do I find out what classes I need to finish my degree?
Answer: Wayland requires that all new students make an appointment with an academic advisor before enrolling. Contact one at 210-826-7595 ext. 1.