San Antonio Campus
National Testing Center

Proctored exams are administered Monday thru Friday at 9:00am and/or 1:00pm

Please read and follow the instructions below to schedule a test with Wayland Baptist University. This web page is used to schedule proctored exams to be taken at the Wayland Baptist University San Antonio Campus.


  • The San Antonio campus is located at 11550 IH 35 North in San Antonio, TX 78233.

  • The Campus offers proctor service free of charge to Wayland Baptist University students

  • University Exam, Virtual Campus, CLEP, Dantes DSST, and Proctored testing service is available at this site.


  • Payment for CLEP and Dantes (DSST) is paid by credit card on the day of the exam

  • You must have a credit card to take CLEP and Dantes (DSST) tests at this test center location

  • A $20.00 Administrative fee applies to exams.*
                 *If you are a current student at Wayland Baptist University there is NO administrative fee

  • Payment by cash or check for the Administrative fee is made at the Financial Service Office 

Exam Dates and Times:

  • Proctored exams are administered Monday through Friday

  • You must schedule all exams 24 hours in advance through this system

  • Seating is limited, schedule your exam early

  • SAT, ACT and DSST Principles of Public Speaking (Speech) will be scheduled through the Wayland Baptist University National Testing Center Coordinator, Tami Sanders. Please email for test dates, times, and to schedule an appointment for SAT, ACT, or DSST Public Speaking exam.

  • If special scheduling circumstances exist or you have any questions about scheduling please call the site coordinator
    at (210) 590-5645 and email

Important Information Below Please Read 

Effective 11 December 2010, DANTES no longer funds retests for Service members on the same titles of CLEP and DSSTs, REGARDLESS of when the first exam was administered.

If you are not sure if you've previously taken a CLEP or DSST test title, contact the official record holder, Prometric at: Toll-free 866-471-9860 or visit your nearest education center for assistance.

Invalid retests will not be scored or reported to CCAF, your college or university or AFVEC until the test fee has been paid. Please note, members are able to view the score immediately following an invalid retest, however, the same rule applies - the score will not be reported.

The following fees may not apply to the exam you are scheduling.  Fees are listed below as a general reference
Exam: Fees:
CLEP Exams $80.00 plus WBU Admin fee of $20.00 * (no charge to military)
DANTES Exams $80.00 plus WBU Admin fee of $20.00 * (no charge to military)
University Proctored Exams $20.00 administration fee (Does not apply to WBU students)
                                                                                *If you are a current student at Wayland Baptist University or
                                                                                 Active Duty Military there is NO administrative fee for CLEP or DSST


Please fill out all the information and select continue.

If you are a current student at Wayland with a student ID number check this box. 
Enter your student ID number if you have one:   Note: If you do not have a WBU ID number, leave blank
                                                DO NOT enter your social security number.
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