The Certificate of Christian Ministry follows a programmed instruction or guided study format. Each course has a study guide written in a style designed for the student to spend more time in personal preparation than in class.

Each study guide has 10 to 12 chapters divided into subsections. Students are expected to spend two to three hours in preparation prior to meeting with the course facilitator. Meetings are usually one hour each week over the eleven week period. A mid-term and final exam are given for each course.

Core courses include:

  • The Pentateuch: Study of the first five books of the Bible.
  • The History of Israel and the Early Prophets: Study of Israel's history from the occupation of Canaan to the Babylonian captivity and prophetic warnings and hope of restoration to the Persian period.
  • Postexilic Biblical Literature: Study of the canonical process and the biblical writing of the postexilic period including poetic and wisdom literature.
  • The Gospels and the Life of Christ: Study of the Interbiblical period and life and ministry of Christ.
  • Acts and the Pauline Epistles: Study of the development of the New Testament church.
  • Hebrews , the General Epistles, and Revelation: Study of general epistles and revelation.
  • Understanding the Bible: Basic principles of Biblical interpretation.
  • Basic Christian Beliefs: Basic doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • Church Administration and Polity: Basic principles of  administration as related to the role of the pastor and staff members.
  • Evangelism: Study of principles, theology and methods of evangelism.
  • Christian Ethics: Study of basic Biblical ethics with attention to church leaders.
  • Baptist History and Distinctiveness: Survey of Baptist history from sixteenth century to present.
  • Sharpening Relationship Skills: Study of Biblical principles for leadership and application to ministry opportunities.
  • Christian Worship: Study of nature, purpose and methods of worship.
  • Developing a Kingdom Vision: Study of Biblical basis for vision and leading churches in that vision.


Students choose three courses from one of the following specialization areas to complete their certificate requirements:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Educational Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry

Program Basics

  • The certificate of Christian Ministry is available to all interested persons, regardless of educational background. This includes those not completing high school, those with high school diplomas or GEDS, and those who have higher education experience.
  • Students who successfully complete the Certificate of Christian Ministry program of study may receive up to 18 semester hours of undergraduate credit toward a Bachelor of Christian Ministry under certain conditions.
  • Tuition is $100 for each course, and payment is due at the time of registration. Textbooks are included.
  • An enrollment application is due no later than two weeks prior to the first class period. A non-refundable, one-time fee of $25 must accompany the application.
  • Courses are limited to 16 students due to the guided study approach.

For more information contact:

Dr.David Maltsberger

 Dr. David Maltsberger
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