Career Development Center


Wayland Baptist University - San Antonio Campus

An element of the

Institute for Professional Development
11550 IH 35 N.

San Antonio, Texas 78233
Phone: (210) 826-7595

Fax: (210) 826-5699


The purpose of the WBU Career Development Center is to help develop the workforce of the greater San Antonio metropolitan area. More specifically, it is to assist students, alumni, and other designated clients (to include hard-to-place individuals) in developing, assessing, and/or implementing career, education, and employment goals to help them move productively into the workforce in a variety of occupations and professions or into further educational pursuits. It is to facilitate the process for:

Developing self-knowledge related to career choice and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding their competencies, interests, values, and personality;

Obtaining information to assist in career and educational planning;

Developing an understanding of the world of work;

Selecting appropriate programs and opportunities that optimize  employment options;

Taking responsibility for developing career decisions, graduate/ professional school plans, employment plans, and/or job-search competencies;

Preparing for finding suitable employment by developing job-search skills, effective candidate presentation skills, and an understanding of the fit between their competencies and job requirements;

Gaining experience through related activities, community service,  employment, research projects, cooperative education, internships, and other opportunities;

Networking with alumni, employers, professional organizations, and others who can provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate learning with work, and explore future career possibilities.

Seeking desired employment opportunities or entry into an appropriate education/training program.

Director of Campus Operations
Dr. James Todd
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